The world’s first wearable 360 camera

FITT360 is designed to capture your vivid 360° worlds in the simplest way possible. Simply wear it, press record to capture the world in your point of view. No Mount – No Hassle – No Problem.

Simply press record and focus on your never-again moments. Yet, the footages FITT360 takes will take you back to those moments in the most immersive way possible.


Connecting to the Cloud, the FITT360 automatically saves all of your footage with a single tap on the mobile application. With shareable VR-Ready contents, your loved ones at home can enjoy your point of view in real time.

3 Full HD Cameras surrounding the FITT360 captures surroundings of each user in the True First Person View (FPV) with up to 90 minutes of recording time. Companion mobile application “FITT360” compensates and normalise the exposures in all 3 clips and Auto-Stitch them while minimising the shaking of the clips to be VR-Ready. Embedded Image Stabilisation on the software sides minimises the shakings of the device to optimise your video quality.

FITT360 header.jpg


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