Prosthetic Photographer helps you take the perfect picture… through electric shocks

The Prosthetic Photographer enables anybody to unwillingly take beautiful pictures.

Beginning photographers oftentimes get the advice that the key in getting better is to go outside and take pictures of anything that gets in front of the lens. Through this process, they should learn to better decide what pictures are worth taking and new methods how to get them.

This project is a modular system that can be attached to any mirrorless or DSLR camera. The computer inside of it is trained with a neural network to distinguish between high and low quality photos. It constantly analyzes the image in front of it. When satisfied with the current scene, a electric shock lets the user unwillingly press a button. The button eventually activates the release of the connected camera and takes the picture.
The two electrodes on the handle transport the electrical impulse into the users hand. They need at any time to be in contact with the skin. One can adjust the strength of the impulse by using the knobs on the back. It has to be strong enough so the impulse lets the finger in front of the handle activate the release.
When satisfied with the image in front of it, the system forces the user to take a picture of the current scene. Afterwards there are only beautiful pictures on the camera.

The conscious skill of photography has become unnecessary this way. The “Prosthetic Photographer“ is a prosthetic skill extension making everyone using it a good photographer.


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