David Beckham finally confirms MLS franchise

After five years of retirement from the beautiful game, David Beckham has announced that he will officially manage his own brand new Major League Soccer franchise.

The Miami-based club has finally been established as an MLS expansion team, with Beckham set to head his team on the field for the first time in 2020, with a brand new stadium being built the following year. This is great news for the footballing icon. However, Becks still has a lot of work to do if his dream is to come to life.


“People are turning around to me already and saying, ‘What players are you getting?’ We’re not at that stage yet,” Beckham said in an interview with ESPN. “Yes, we have a wish list, yes we want to create a state-of-the-art academy that brings young talented local kids through the ranks … We have to set up the academy, that’s the first thing we do, and then we go from there.”

Yet to be named, Beckham’s club has secured three acres of land in Miami’s Overtown neighborhood to build a $200 million 25,000-seat stadium and will replace former MLS franchise Miami Fusion, which closed down over 17 years ago.


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