World’s fastest production estate joins the 200 mph club with 608 hp

With a top speed beyond 200 mph, the new ALPINA B5 Bi-Turbo Touring is expected to be the world’s fastest production estate, offering a unique combination of comfort, luxury and ultra-high performance.

Both the estate and the saloon version are powered by ALPINA’s 608 hp V-8, first seen in the B7 Bi-Turbo launched mid-2017, have full BMW Warranty support and are available with an almost limitless range of bespoke ALPINA interior finishes crafted at the company’s saddlery in Buchloe, Germany.

High-torque powertrain

The heart of the new range is ALPINA’s substantially revised version of BMW’s N63TU2, 4.4 litre V-8. To increase the power and torque without compromising responsiveness, particular attention has been paid to airflow optimisation, with a new wide-bore intake system providing shorter intake paths and optimised radii to allow near-instant throttle response.

The standard turbochargers have been replaced by two specially-developed, twin-scroll turbochargers located between the cylinder banks, operating in parallel to deliver up to 1.4 bar with minimum inertia. Enlarged inlet and outlet diameters further improve gas flow, contributing to a wide, flat torque curve and excellent throttle response even at low engine speeds. By 2,000 rpm, the ALPINA V-8 is already generating 670 Nm (494 lbft) of torque, swelling to an astonishing 800 Nm (590 lbft) plateau from 3,000 – 5,000 rpm.

A new indirect intercooler system (air/water/air) further improves both power and responsiveness, with a main intercooler feeding the two large-volume, close-coupled intercoolers. Together with two additional water radiators and one additional oil cooler, the system ensures the thermodynamic stability of the V-8 Bi-Turbo engine, even under the highest sustained loads and most aggressive ambient air temperatures. To help ensure stable performance and long-term durability, pistons and spark plugs are uprated to ALPINA specifications.

The eight-speed automatic transmission also receives additional cooling, alongside a host of modifications that include strengthened gear clusters and a larger torque converter. ALPINA’s work with transmission supplier ZF is another reason for the exceptional acceleration of the new B5 Bi-Turbo.

Dynamics optimised for driving pleasure

Power is delivered to the road by BMW’s four wheel drive system; a first for the ALPINA B5, and another first for an ALPINA B5 is Active Rear Steering, which enhances steering response by turning the rear wheels up to 2.5 degrees the opposite way to the front wheels at low speeds and the same way at higher speeds. The new model also has active roll stabilisation (Dynamic Drive), which employs a new generation of high-speed electronic actuators to optimise roll stiffness, improving both dynamics and ride quality. The system is optimised to enable the very best performance from this unique chassis configuration, taking into account details such as the kinematics of the ALPINA light-weight 20” forged alloy wheels shod with specially-developed ‘ALP’ labelled Pirelli P-Zero tyres.

Inside, the new B5 Bi-Turbo can be specified with an almost limitless range of options and leather trims, individually-crafted in ALPINA’s saddlery. Unique ALPINA interior finishes include new Luxury Wood Walnut Nature, the rough cut surface of which is described by the manufacturer as ‘warm and modern at the same time’. The interior of each car is finished with a unique, numbered production plaque on the centre console.


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