NTSB launches investigators to self-driving vehicle crash

Four investigators from the National Transportation Safety Board arrived in Las Vegas, November 10, to investigate an incident on November 8, involving a collision of a self-driving shuttle bus and a truck.

“The NTSB is investigating this crash to better understand how self-driving vehicles interact with their environment and the other human-driven vehicles around them. While there have been other crashes of self-driving vehicles, this crash is the first of a self-driving vehicle operating in public service. Our decision to investigate this crash aligns with our process of deciding to investigate those highway crashes that can advance our knowledge of safety issues,” said the federal agency.

Dennis Collins, Senior Human Performance Investigator, is the Investigator-in-Charge. The team he leads has expertise in human factors, vehicle factors, recorders, and automated vehicle technology.

However, according to reports, the accident has been blamed on “human error” which has divided many within the automotive and transport sectors. Stay tuned for future updates on the investigation.


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