Mind Hunter: a (short) verdict

Mind Hunters, the latest project under David Fincher, enters the many minds of notorious psychopaths across the US, returning the out-of-fashion serial killer to the spotlight. Fans of Fincher will welcome back the American Director’s insightful ideologies into the modern day murderer, with fictional representations of Edmund Kemper, aka the Co-Ed Killer, Jerry Brudos, aka the Shoe Fetish Slayer, Monte Ralph Rissell, Richard Speck, Darrel Gene Devier and a special emphasis on Dennis Raider, aka BTK.

Now before I continue, I want to acknowledge the sheer brilliance of each and every actor who played these ‘special’ subjects, each creating their own twisted and complicated characteristics that will uniquely affect you as a viewer in each scene. A special mention goes out to Cameron Britton, who seemed the perfect fit for the perverted mind of Kemper, forming a bond with the protagonist FBI agent John E Douglas, played by Jonathan Groff, and creating an entirely new perception into how a serial killer thinks and operates.

Another highlight throughout the series is how Fincher creates each of his scenes, perfectly combining 70’s décor with dark and gloomy atmospheres, whilst carefully selecting a soundtrack that would unsettle anyone. You can physically see the wear and tear on the protagonist from start to finish, transforming from a clean-cut and quiet FBI Special Agent to rugged and reckless lone wolf, as he starts to question his own perceptions and become desperate in finding an outcome to his research, no matter where it leads him – personally and professionally.

Mindhunter truly capitalises on its disturbing premise, dropping any of your typical – and exhausted – jump scares for slow, skin-crawling moments of uncertainty. Fincher returns to what he does best, opening up the world of a serial killer and exposing the terrifying minds of these men, making a superb series that has gone under the radar for most people.

Get used to the chilling, well-written – and acted – series; reports have already emerged surrounding further additions that will explore new real-life murderers from around the US. Could we see an appearance from Charles Manson?


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