Suzuki e-Survivor concept goes all-electric

Suzuki has revealed the e-Survivor concept, a small soft-top SUV, at the Tokyo motor show.

The e-Survivor is all-electric, using electric motors inside all four wheels, and the concept is a little wider and longer than the current Jimny. The two-seat layout and open roof hark back to the X-90 of the mid-1990s and Suzuki claims that some of the qualities of the Jimny and the Vitara are also present in the e-Survivor.

A screen on the centre of the steering wheel, and one making up the lower portion of the windscreen, with integrated augmented reality demonstrations of the outside world in front of the car, are part of a futuristic infotainment system but a conventional steering wheel and pedals point to it not being part of any autonomous driving plans.

The concept appears to be built on a ladder frame, as with the OEM’s entry-level small utility, the Jimny.

Also on Suzuki’s stand are a series of minicar and kei car concepts, all destined primarily for Suzuki’s native Japanese market.


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