Spurs crush Wembley curse with historic win over Madrid

85,000 people flooded in beneath Wembley’s arch to take on a staggered Real Madrid last night, displaying a convincing 3-1 win over ‎Los Blancos.

Some may have mistaken Madrid for a recently promoted side, who went missing across all parts of the pitch as they tried to break through a formidable Tottenham defense. This was not a memorable return for the likes of Luka Modrić, who was outclassed by Tottenham starlet Harry Winks, who played an excellent lofted pass across the pitch to Kieran Trippier before the right back smashed the ball into the box for Dele Alli’s opener.

Harry Kane returned to the starting line-up, after a few concerns surrounding his existing hamstring injury, bullying Madrid’s back four and creating great space around him for Alli and Christian Eriksen to run riot. The only worry on the night was the injury to fan-favorite Toby Alderweireld, who was forced off with a hamstring problem in the 24th minute. Fans can expect the centre back to be out for a few weeks.

Returning from a three-match ban in Europe, Alli rocketed back onto the scene with a brace, narrowly missing out on a hatch-trick to top off his superb performance. Unsurprisingly, Alli stepped up again on a historic night for the Lilly Whites, which will certainly put him back in the spotlight for top European clubs. But can Spurs fans finally stop worrying about losing their top players?

Mauricio Pochettino’s magic has transformed Spurs into a world-beater, bringing through youngers plays like Winks, finally finding a solution to the team’s poor defensive system and, most importantly, a top-class striker in Kane. Now leading Group H with 10 points and securing a place in the round of 16 knockout stage, you can see that the potential of the club is coming to life, although the squad must continue to focus on the Premier League, and possibly a cup, if it wants something to show for what has already been an excellent season.

But for now, let Wembley echo with praise for Pochettino and his team.



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